The Three Village Educational Foundation is proud to continue its tradition of offering mini-grants for Three Village Central School District educators. Over the past three years the Foundation has awarded a total of $27,128 to District teachers. Below is a comprehensive listing of the mini-grants awarded to date.

June 2010 Summary (PDF): 21 Mini-Grants Awarded

Highlights on Ward Melville High School Awarded Funds for 10 Mini Slates (below is a portion of the application submitted for this project)
“Ward Melville Senior High School Science Department would like to submit a request to the Three Village Educational Foundation for the purchase of ten (10) PolyVision Eno Mini Slates. We are a department of twenty-five teachers. Due to graduation requirements, we have the opportunity to service each and every student in the Three Village Central School District. Currently, 1782 students out of 1888 total students (94%) are enrolled in a science class. During a student’s three years at Ward Melville he or she will be enrolled in at least one science class. Therefore, 100% of the student population will be impacted by this new technology.
The PolyVision Eno Mini Slate is a portable, hand-held device that is light and about the size of a piece of paper, similar to the latest Apple i-Pad. The Mini Slate alleviates the teacher’s need to remain at the front of the room to modify information displayed for the class and instead allows the teacher to be mobile. The teacher can circulate around the room while controlling the information projected on the board in front. Furthermore, the slate can be handed off to students for their own immediate input helping to foster a more student centered interactive learning environment. The benefits to students with disabilities include, yet are not limited to, the easy inclusion of all in class activities centered on the use of the mini slates despite any special circumstances or mobility issues.”

June 2009 Summary (PDF): 21 Mini-Grants Awarded

Highlights of a Video TriCaster Proposal:
“This device provides a complete portable studio with the ability to mix component, composite and S-Video camera sources. Allows for live streaming via video or web, multi camera inputs and on the spot editing.”

June 2008 Summary (PDF): 18 Mini-Grants Awarded

The Three Village Educational Foundation (3VEF) was established in 2004 in recognition of the need for increased support to sustain the traditional margin of excellence in the Three Village Central School District. The 3VEF, a private, nonprofit organization, seeks to obtain financial resources from businesses and individuals to support, enrich, and enhance the quality educational program provided to district students. Funds gifted to the foundation are used towards providing students, teachers, and residents with programs and educational resources not funded for through the district's annual operating budget.