The 3VEF Board of Directors, which is made up of Board of Education trustees, administrators, parents, and community members, are leaders of the foundation and will be responsible for coordinating annual fundraising campaigns. The 3VEF’s Board of Directors will allocate the generous donations for grants and scholarships to support the needs of the youth in the Three Village School district.

Judy McCready, President
Barbara Konczynin, Vice President
Claudia J. Reinhart, Secretary
Karen Foda, Treasurer

Michael Ardolino
Christian Buzzanca
William F. Connors, Jr.
Dr. Daniel Deutsch
Erik Dimech
Maria Gac
Barbara Konczynin
Jim Metz
Claudia J. Reinhart
Kevin Scanlon
Tom Sullivan
Linda M. Toga
Charlene Vitale
Kerrin Welch-Pollera

The Three Village Educational Foundation (3VEF) was established in 2004 in recognition of the need for increased support to sustain the traditional margin of excellence in the Three Village Central School District. The 3VEF, a private, nonprofit organization, seeks to obtain financial resources from businesses and individuals to support, enrich, and enhance the quality educational program provided to district students. Funds gifted to the foundation are used towards providing students, teachers, and residents with programs and educational resources not funded for through the district's annual operating budget.