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2013 3VEF Raffle Winners Awarded $20,450

The Three Village Educational Foundation is holding its Annual Fundraiser again this year! Last yearís winners, Barbara Walker, Patricia Clark Huber, Suzanne Loverro, Kathleen Shults, Renee Wolf- Calvin each received $4090.00 after splitting a jackpot of $20,450!

As a result of their tremendous fundraising initiative, the Three Village Educational Foundation has made great strides toward accomplishing its goal of purchasing new uniforms for the award-winning Ward Melville High School Marching Band. The total for replacing the current polyester uniforms that date back to 1977 is approximately $48,000.

Beginning earlier this year and running through the start of November 2013, the 3VEF collected donations toward the cause through its annual 50/50 fundraiser. At itsí Nov. 20, 2013 meeting, the Board of Education gratefully accepted a $40,000 donation from Foundation members Karen Foda and Barbara Konczynin, which will be directly applied to the cause. After the ceremonial presentation, the Board graciously thanked members of the Foundation for their continued efforts to support and enhance the quality of the educational program provided to district students.

In true 50/50 raffle spirit, the Foundation also announced that five district retirees were the lucky recipients of the split chance fundraiser. Pictured here are the winners along with members of the Foundation at the meeting.

The Three Village Educational Foundation (3VEF) was established in 2004 in recognition of the need for increased support to sustain the traditional margin of excellence in the Three Village Central School District. The 3VEF, a private, nonprofit organization, seeks to obtain financial resources from businesses and individuals to support, enrich, and enhance the quality educational program provided to district students. Funds gifted to the foundation are used towards providing students, teachers, and residents with programs and educational resources not funded for through the district's annual operating budget.